Waterless Foam Paw Cleanser

Waterless Foam Paw Cleanser

Available in two sizes, 150ml or 200ml 
Our best selling product, made with certified USDA organic oils and *Calendula Hydrosol, 

*Our certified organic calendula hydrosol is steam distilled from the yellow flowers of the Calendula officinals plant. This fantastic calendula hydrosol is antimicrobial and antibacterial. It promotes healing, and has analgesic properties.

No preservatives are added to our products, handcrafted within a week from your date of purchase. A gentle formula for our furkids, no rinsing is required.

    Organic saponified oils(coconut, olive and jojoba), Calendula hydrosol, Lavender essential oil, Orange essential oil, Cedarwood oil, rosemary extract, organic lavender oil, organic aloe vera, distilled water


    Apply foam to paws with brush. Wipe off with a clean cloth.